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Representative greetings


At Nishida Machine Co., Ltd., we have continued to produce custom machine tools for 60 years since our establishment. These have gained high reputations in all types of manufacturing workplaces, not only in the automobile industry but also of such products as motorcycles, electrical appliances and farm machines.
In recent years, the requirements of customers for production equipment are becoming extremely diverse with the ongoing globalization of manufacturing, so that it is becoming no longer a simple matter in which it is sufficient to simply pursue efficiency. We have been focusing on flexible production lines since a long time ago and have been building our unique position by accumulating an extensive record of projects as a pioneer of FMS/line centers.
We develop specialized “only one in the world” systems for our customers by thoroughly extracting and analyzing the requirements of the customer to not only realize the required needs and costs but also to make +α proposals to realize higher functionality.
We shall continue in the future to endeavor to innovate on a higher technical level, serve more customers and contribute to the advancement of manufacturing not only in Japan but worldwide as a machine tool manufacturer supporting the base of manufacturing.
Kenji Nishida, President
Nishida Machine Co., Ltd.
Headquarters factory
49-2, Hiraokacho, Nishi-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka
TEL. +81-72-271-5461
FAX. +81-72-271-5465
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