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Line construction

The line construction that Nishida machine suggests

Of the automatic line which our company put together in the mass production system of each customer suggest it. Not only I display facilities, but also suggest it until a transport system, systems construction in one us. The burden on customer at the time of the line setup can be largely reduced as it is not necessary to gather up plural suppliers in the case of a setup.

Robot conveyance line

 The line which I convey automatically as I display machining center facing each other, and a run robot runs through the meantime.
I can automatically perform it until a jig step substitute as well as conveyance of the work by the request of the customer. Work to take half day becomes originally ten minutes or less, and production efficiency goes up by automatically performing a jig step substitute. In addition, it is available for multi-kind production by distinguishing a model with a camera and a sensor at the time of work injection.

Signal bridge loader line

It is a line letting you automatically convey work by installing a signal bridge loader in the upper facilities. Operation in the space-saving is possible than robot conveyance because I do not use the space before the machine.
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